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The creators of the Wombat Wallet — Spielworks recently released a game that runs on both the WAX and EOS blockchains called “Wombat Dungeon Master.” The game is currently in beta and can be accessed here. In the game you are a Wombat who explores a dungeon for 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, or 1 day in return for rewards of in-game minerals Uranium, Iron, and Coal as well as experience points and Season Points. The amount of rewards depend on a variety of factors such as your Wombat’s equipment, the duration of your exploration, and the NFT’s that you have “hidden” in the dungeon.

Your Wombat Avatar

There are 8 types of gear that you can equip to your avatar as well as a name tag — Glasses, Hat, Light, Amulet, Bag, Digging Tool, Top, and Shoes. Each of these items come in different rarities and beyond that they can be upgraded by blending them with “Wombatium” which is created by blending the above mentioned minerals.

The Wombatium Shop

Gear can be purchased in packs and from the secondary market — Atomic Hub.

The more you play, the more points you earn. At the end of each season of the game, $25,000 USD is distributed to the players of the game. The amount received is based on the number of points earned. Season 3 of the game began today (Wednesday May 18th, 2022) and runs through June 29th.

You are allowed to “hide” 100 of your WAX or EOS NFT’s for your Wombat to discover. What this means is that you send the NFT’s out of your wallet and into the Wombat game wallet. This is also known as “staking.” Once staked, you are no longer in control of those NFT’s which means you can not trade or sell them. In order to get them back, you must “unhide” them from the main game screen and then wait 24 hours.

To maximize your rewards you want to choose the 100 NFT’s from the included partnered projects with the highest mining power. The game’s documentation states that mining power is determined by rarity and the template’s age and the value ranges between 1 and 10,000.

A new Partner project for Season 3 is Nifty Wizards. Here you can see which mineral NFT’s from this collection will harvest, and the mining power of the NFT’s that you own. Other partner projects include: Acid Tea Granny, Art of Byron, Atomic Kings 2xx9, Bret Blackberg, Crypto Chibi, Crypto Monkeys, Demon Doodles, Digital Ducks, Exit Limbo, Glummy Bears, Green Rabbit, Meta Force, Metropolis XO, Neon Space, Nerds Unite Us, Pets of Clarks, Red Panda Adventures, Shift Collabs, Sketch Art, Soonay Figure, The Uplift World, Troy’s Artwork, Ultra Rare, Wax Paper Fold, White Dragon, and many others.

You can learn more about the game here, as well as in their Discord and on Twitter

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