Wizards Guild September 2021 Update

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2 min readSep 16, 2021


This month, Nifty Wizards Weed Castle owners were given the opportunity to blend some of their hard-earned weed and create Nurple Packs which contained 6 rare weed NFT’s. 290 packs were made available and they were gone within the hour. Prior to the blend, the mechanics were announced via a Medium Article.

Weed Castle Owners were able to blend for Nurple Packs

Bitcoin Origins released the next iteration of their Satoshi card — Satoshi8 as well as Moment 8 blocks. The “Golden Ticket” NTT which was introduced in Moment 7 as a way for active collectors to buy blocks prior to the public sale was used again for Moment 8, but this time both 1MB and 2MB blocks were offered.


Magic DUST Cryptocurrency announced that DUST mining is now live in the official DUST server and Nifty Wizards server on Discord:

DUST: https://discord.gg/EdUmQWFh5G

Nifty Wizards: https://discord.gg/N3xRYkE2HX

And two new DUST Enhancer NFT’s were released: The artist Stocci’s Dusty Goddess and Starcards’ Dust in the Wind

Dust in the Wind

You can view our new community tool Nifty Cap at https://www.niftycap.com/ This site displays WAX NFT collection rankings by sales volume and is refreshed every 24 hours. The goal of the site is to provide more precise figures for WAX collections than sites that combine all NFT projects across many different blockchains.

And give our new WAX NFT Portfolio Application a try. It’s called Shyn (pronounced “shine”)

We hope that the WAX community continues to find value in all that the Wizards Guild is building and doing to help grow the space.



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