This month Nifty Wizards players were challenged with one of the game’s toughest quests to date — The All-Seeing Eye. Players must solve a series of clues to assemble a Telegram room link. Once in the room, they will be able to participate in daily, weekly, and monthly prize giveaways.

Join the fun at

Members of the Bitcoin Origins community are now engaged in a very challenging map/history challenge which will unlock the Moment 9 NFT set and help with the overarching Moment 2 prize of 1 Bitcoin. On October 15th, a mysterious WAX NTT (non-transferable token) was airdropped into the wallets of 860 collectors. It is entitled simply “Loyalty Token”.

Magic DUST Cryptocurrency COO Big Mike joined Kenn Bosak’s Fireside Chat YouTube show to discuss DUST on WAX and Polygon and their new ETH project:

The team also released a new WAX DUST Enhancer NFT entitled “Wizard Gnome” which supports the WAX project Gnome Series

You can view our new community tool Nifty Cap at This site displays WAX NFT collection rankings by sales volume and is refreshed every 24 hours. The goal of the site is to provide more precise figures for WAX collections than sites that combine all NFT projects across many different blockchains.

And give our new WAX NFT Portfolio Application a try. It’s called Shyn (pronounced “shine”)

We hope that the WAX community continues to find value in all that the Wizards Guild is building and doing to help grow the space.



The Wizards Guild is a block producer for the WAX blockchain

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