Wizards Guild — Nifty Wizards Block Producer

We are excited to announce our block producer “Wizards Guild” on the WAX blockchain.

Wizards Guild plans to be one of the most fun Guilds on WAX as our sole focus is on NFTs and collectables. We are proud to help The King of NFTs run their blockchain.

Founders of our Guild are not only collectors but are building two of the most popular collectible sets on WAX (Nifty Wizards, Blockchain Origins, etc).

We are dedicated as a team to help collectors and we are collectors ourselves.

Please become a Wizard with us and support our mission to make WAX better with technology and tools for NFTs.

Public website URL



Official WAX Guild candidate name: Wizards Guild

Location of company headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Expected location of servers: Texas

Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc)

· Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3–1230v3 @ 3.20GHz

· 1GBPS Port

· 30TB Bandwidth

· Location — The Lone Star State

· 16GB Ram

· 500GB SSD

Current employee list and pictures

· Rami Elraj

· Kurt Braget

· Mike Cowper

Relevant background qualifications

Wizards Guild members have been building in the crypto currency space for 10 years and are software engineers with decades of cumulative experience.

We have delivered dozens of apps to blockchains, including Nifty Wizards RPG on WAX and dmail.

Expenses (Monthly): 1,000 USD per month.

Estimated scaling plan for hardware

Community benefit project outline

Nifty Wizards — and RPG that brings WAX compatible bots and NFTs.

Collectabot — A portfolio technology that helps WAX users show off their collectibles.

bp.json: https://wizardsguild.one/bp.json

A list of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation


We believe it that WAX has the most advanced governance and we’re excited to be part of this system.

Our take on governance is to keep things simple and fair.

We believe that governance and actors in the system should be incentivized properly to make the system better.

Transparency and accountability

Wizards Guild has been running block producers and software on blockchains for years and we are completely dedicated to transparency through brutal honesty with our community and stakeholders. We frequently communicate with the community through telegram about all developments.


Our take on security: simple is secure.

Thank you!

The Wizards Guild is a block producer for the WAX blockchain