Wizards Guild July 2021 Update

Wizards Guild
3 min readJul 17, 2021


The Wizards Guild is a Top 21 Block Producer for the WAX Blockchain

The Wizards Guild successfully submitted their July 2021 updates to the WAX Office of Inspector General regarding our technical operations, product development, ecosystem development, and our community and marketing efforts.

We’re proud to announce that our CPU latency is amongst the lowest of all 21 block producers and that we have a fully operational full history node and a public AtomicAssets/AtomicMarket API.

Source: https://www.alohaeos.com/tools/benchmarks#networkId=11&timeframeId=2&outliers=0

Our three listed products in development are: Nifty Wizards, Bitcoin Origins, and Magic DUST Cryptocurrency. All three products are being well received by the WAX community and are in constant development for added benefit to the users.

Nifty Wizards hosted their second Battle Royale competition and awarded over $2,000 in prizes. We also added utility to another of our existing assets — the Weed Cloak and released three new quests for our players — “Field of Blood” “Magical Seeds” and “Revelio Portfolio”.

Bitcoin Origins released the Satoshi7 NFT and a mini quest that awarded winners with 1 of 1 NFTs from the set. The quest to reveal Moment 7 is ongoing. And a Bitcoin Origins/DUST collaboration was just announced on Twitter:

Magic DUST Cryptocurrency successfully deployed their DUST Bot on Discord and is currently testing before full release to the public. A new set of DUST mine operator rules have been written, and a governing board — the ODI (Office of DUST Inspectors) has been implemented to maintain the quality of all rooms using the DUST Bot.

All our staff members are active on Telegram and spend a great deal of time answering questions about all different topics, in many community channels such as but not limited to: Wax Trade, Garbage Pail Kids Community, Atomic Assets, Cryptomonkeys, NFT Hype, The Horrors, Exit Limbo, Wax X Topps, NFT Army, Alien Worlds, The Dingleberries, Kenn Bosak, Goldman Staxx, Nifty Wizards Español, DUST Español, DUST, Nifty Wizards, and we also assist new users wanting to start using DUST and Nifty Wizards.

We consolidated all our documentation onto one site — gitbooks:



And all current events, lore, contests, etc. onto Medium:


We continue to run marketing campaigns, contests, and givaways on bot Twitter and Telegram, and Our COO, Mike Cowper was interviewed on a videocast this month where he discussed Nifty Wizards, DUST, and the WAX ecosystem. You can watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/yTAt223ImrE

We also released a new community tool called Nifty Cap. This site displays WAX NFT collection rankings by sales volume and is refreshed every 24 hours. The goal of the site is to provide more precise figures for WAX collections than sites that combine all NFT projects across many different blockchains. You can try it out here: https://www.niftycap.com/

And we released a new mobile application called Shyn (pronounced shine). It is an NFT Portfolio app that displays all your WAX AtomicAssets. It can track multiple wallets, calculate total portfolio value, display mint numbers, duplicate assets, and much more. You can download the app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shyn-nft-portfolio/id1564333621


We are continuing to work on another community tool which is called “Niftysets” which allows for creation of a “set” of WAX AtomicAssets. The set can include any number of NFTs from any collection. The user gives the set a name, uploads a cover image, chooses the NFTs to include, sets the price and clicks “create”. This new NFT can then be transferred or sold on Atomic Hub. When the NFT is burned, all NFTs inside are then transferred to the wallet that burned it. It can be found here: https://www.niftysets.com/

We hope that the WAX community continues to find value in all that the Wizards Guild is building and doing to help grow the space.



Wizards Guild

The Wizards Guild is a block producer for the WAX blockchain