Wizards Guild August 2021 Update

This month was a busy one for the Wizards Guild. On the technical side, we began publishing feed data via Delphi oracle, increased our server infrastructure capacity to handle more load, and our AtomicAssets API issue was resolved by moving from a light API to a full API with up to date blocks.

On the products side, Nifty Wizards released their second Rare Weed packs via a drop link on NeftyBlocks. Of the 1,000 packs minted we sold 650 at $20 each. 60 low mint packs were reserved as awards for Weed Castle NFT holders and promotional use. The remaining 290 packs will be available as a blend for players that hold the Weed Castle NFT in their wallet. Along with the packs sold for WAX, we also dropped 3 other packs with increasing rarity over the next 3 days which were only available by blending various rare weed NFT’s. All 495 of those packs have been blended and are in player’s wallets now. On August 14th we released 3 new NFT blends on NeftyBlocks using the new “super blend” feature. We released a new textventure quest for our players entitled “The Wrath of Azgorath”. All of this information was released to players through a series of Medium articles.

Nifty Wizards Second Series of Rare Weed Packs

Bitcoin Origins released Moment 7 set in a unique manner. Prior to the sale of the 1 MB Block packs, 596 “Golden Ticket” NTT’s were airdropped to active members of the community. This ticket assured all holders would be able to purchase (1) 1MB Block prior to the general sale. Since then, the team has been very active with promotions — 1 with the Green Rabbit game, and the other with DUST cryptocurrency. They were also prominently featured in the recent NFT Experience held between August 11th and 12th, 2021. All VIP ticket holders were airdropped a unique NFT entitled “Balance and Progress”

Magic DUST Cryptocurrency announced that DUST earning is now live in the official DUST channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/EdUmQWFh5G. Next it will be deployed in the Bitcoin Origins channel. And something big is in the works for DUST on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nifty Wizards is holding a competition to see who can come up with the funniest, most innovative, and best Nifty Wizards quest with big in-game token prizes. Learn more here:


Our COO, Mike Cowper was interviewed on The Nifty Show Episode #70 about the Nifty Wizards pack sale which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/i9xYnCqKjLs

You can view our new community tool Nifty Cap at https://www.niftycap.com/ This site displays WAX NFT collection rankings by sales volume and is refreshed every 24 hours. The goal of the site is to provide more precise figures for WAX collections than sites that combine all NFT projects across many different blockchains.

And give our new WAX NFT Portfolio Application a try. It’s called Shyn (pronounced “shine”)

We hope that the WAX community continues to find value in all that the Wizards Guild is building and doing to help grow the space.

The Wizards Guild is a block producer for the WAX blockchain