Wizards Guild and NiFTyLIFE Announce Merger

Wizards Guild
1 min readFeb 28, 2022


February 27, 2022 — United States

Today WAX blockchain producers Wizards Guild and NiFTYLIFE WAX announced that the two guilds have executed an agreement to merge their efforts in order to better support the WAX blockchain. The agreement stipulates that 100% of product points awarded for NiFTYLIFE’s products — Waxstash and PackBreaks will be applied to the Wizards Guild. Please see this post from NiFTYLIFE for confirmation of the agreement.

This merger will allow Roy of NiFTYLIFE WAX’s founder to focus his time and effort on his successful projects Waxstash and PackBreaks and the Wizards Guild team on building out their hardware infrastructure. Wizards Guild will also continue to support the text based role playing game — Nifty Wizards, Magic DUST Cryptocurrency, and the NFT portfolio application — Shyn.

For more information:

t.me/packbreaks packbreaks.io

twitter.com/waxstash waxstash.com



Shyn app for iOS Shyn app for Android

https://medium.com/@niftylife https://niftylife.io/

medium.com/@wizardsguild wizardsguild.one



Wizards Guild

The Wizards Guild is a block producer for the WAX blockchain