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3 min readOct 28, 2022


As the popularity of NFT’s on the WAX blockchain grows, new markets have emerged for buyers and sellers to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at 7 of the best.

AtomicHub is the reigning champ by a lot, and for good reason. They have a clean user interface, plenty of features, and an active team. Atomic was the first market to offer support for the second of two types of assets on the WAX blockchain called AtomicAssets (the other being SimpleAssets).

Chain Champs is one of the newer markets to emerge. They bill themselves as “WAX’s first real-time NFT marketplace.” Their site displays new sales the second they are listed allowing buyers to snipe the best deals.

NeftyBlocks started as a site for creating Drops and blends on WAX but has added a marketplace recently. One nice feature of their market is if you are trying to make a blend and you don’t have the necessary asset(s), you can click on it and be taken to the lowest priced sale for that asset. You also earn their native token — NEFTY whenever you make a purchase on their marketplace. NEFTY can be spent on their site just like WAX.

NFTHIVE is another site that added a marketplace recently. They excel in the data and statistics department. Their platform has a very complex filtering system that allows users to search the entire history of sales on any NFT. They also have a very handy bulk unstaking tool for removing your NFT’s from games such as R-Planet.

SimpleMarket was the first WAX NFT marketplace which opened in early 2020. When the first WAX NFT’s were being released such as Garbage Pail Kids Series 1, SimpleMarket was the only place for resales to take place. They were the first to develop a bundle feature where a user could sell up to 50 NFT’s in one offer.

vIRLMarket is the newest WAX marketplace. Their claim to fame is selling official WAX physical merchandise via tokenized NFT’s. You can pick up a mug, hoodie, tee shirt, and Blockchain Brawlers Fire and Fury Hot Sauce all which will be shipped right to your front door.

waxstash has a very streamlined market and every NFT listed has a “Buy Cheap” button which takes you to a list of that NFT sorted from lowest to highest. They are also the team behind the unique PACKBREAKS site where users can sell slots of their owned packs which will open when all slots have been purchased.

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