The Magic DUST Miners Now Have a Place to Call Home

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The Magic DUST Miner team is happy to announce they have secured NFT Worlds World #5658. The purchase took place on May 14th, 2022 on OpenSea. It was a sizable sum, but the team felt it was well worth the cost in order to have a place for our miners to explore and interact. To date 1,602 Miners have been minted out of a possible 11,111. The purpose of holding Magic DUST Miners in your wallet is to mine $DUST tokens on the Polygon blockchain while chatting in DUST enabled Discord groups. With the addition of an NFT Worlds Land, DUST Miners will eventually have a metaverse to play in along with the text chatting component.

Those woods and mountains look a bit ominous. I bet there’s goblins lurking in there. A wizard could probably help solve that problem…

Dual Mining Potential

Because NFT Worlds was built on the Ethereum blockchain, players of the game will be able to earn the in-game token $WRLD by playing mini-games, spending time on designated Lands, and by finding hidden claim links. Holders of Magic DUST Miners NFT’s will have the added benefit of mining $DUST tokens while on our Land.

A sampling of the 11,111 Magic DUST Miners Available

About NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a unique project that brings 10,000 virtual worlds to the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT World can be built into anything you can imagine. This massively multiplayer Minecraft compatible decentralized environment will allow the DUST team to bring the fantastical world of Magic DUST Miners to life. We purposely choose a land that has 50% dirt and soil, and ore mine, and is ore rich.

Because NFT Worlds is compatible with Minecraft it allows players to access it via PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and more.

You can learn more about NFT Worlds here:

And learn about Magic DUST Miners here:

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