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Taco (tacocrytpo.io) arrived on the WAX Blockchain scene in June of 2021 as an iOS an Android app that was aimed at managing WAX NFT’s and allowing in-app token trading via the Alcor Decentralized Exchange. The team started growing their community slowly — first with Taco NFT stickers which would later award TACO Coins and then Ingredients Packs which contained various food items that could be held or exchanged for the listed value of TACO Coins displayed on the NFT. For example a Salt NFT could be burned for 15 TACO, and a Chicken NFT for 30 TACO.

Various Sizes of Ingredients Packs

Soon after the release of the TACO token, a second token was introduced — SHING. It could be earned passively by users that held Extractor NFT’s. The rarer the Extractor, the more SHING per hour it produces.

The Six Types of Extractors

The team did something fun with the extractors — they released a “Seasoning Capsule” NFT which could be burned along with a standard extractor to create a limited edition holiday extractor of the same type. They have released three so far — “Winter”, “Love”, and most recently “Luck”. These extractors pay a bonus amount of SHING per hour during the holiday season that they represent and then transition back to normal extractors, but with a different look and rarity compared to their standard counterparts. For example, there are 242 Galaxy Extractors, but only 1 of each of the three holiday galaxy extractors.

Limited Edition Holiday Extractors

Back to the Application

As the Taco community grew, so did the Taco App’s features. Taco Sauces allowed holders to access individual games’ claim functions from their app. For example, if you hold the NFT “Alien Worlds Sauce” you can claim your TLM Mining rewards from the Taco app on your phone instead of going to the game’s website.

20 of the available 22 Taco Sauce NFT’s

Taco also released several general purpose sauce tools such as “Transactions Sauce” which allows you to view your transaction history from blocks.io in app, “Music Player Sauce” to play NFT’s with imbedded audio, and “AtomicHub Sauce” to view the AtomicHub marketplace.

Along the way, the team released two extremely rare items which act as never-ending whitelist pass and discount pass respectively. They are the “Taco Universe Sauce — Limited Edition” and the “TACO VIP”. Both are limited to 100 pcs. and both are very expensive on the secondary market. The cheapest Universe Sauce listed on AtomicHub currently is 780 WAX, and the cheapest TACO VIP is 8,743.61 WAX.

Universe Sauce and TACO VIP


January 2022 saw the release of Taco Venues, and a second phone application of the same name. Venues come in various rarities and generate SHING just like extractors do but unlike extractors, venues can be upgraded from level 0 to level 200. Venues can also produce various Taco Ingredients for a cost of 200,000 SHING each. Venue upgrades cost some amount of TACO and/or Taco Ingredient(s). As the user levels up their Venue, the amount of SHING per hour it produces increases as well as other benefits. A level 30 Venue is awarded the new TACOG token once per week which will be used in future governance votes. A level 50 venue can be renamed to whatever the holder wants (within reason). A level 100 venue becomes part of the new Brigade SHING earning program where both the owner of the venue and the player working at the Venue each earn a SHING reward.

Various Venues
The Taco Universe Brigade Screen

As you can see, the TACO Universe is ever expanding. The team has promised more games like Taco Dungeons, Taco Run, and Taco Idle. You can read more about this and everything else the team has going on in the Taco Project white paper here

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