How to Trade Tokens on the WAX Blockchain Using Alcor.Exchange

Getting Started

Choose “WAX Mainnet” from the dropdown menu
Click on the type of wallet you will be logging in with
  1. Click on “Swap” at the top left of the page.
  2. Type in 1 as the WAX amount you want to swap (to get a price comparison). If you are going to make the trade, enter in the actual amount of WAX you want to swap.
  3. Choose the token you want to swap your WAX for (in this example we are using TLM). The system will automatically calculate the current rate for the amount of WAX you entered. In the image above you can see that 1 WAX will get you 3.6557 TLM. If you look above the graph you will see the exact exchange rate being offered at the time of your trade. Here you can see that 1 WAX = 3.66673077 TLM and conversely 1 TLM = 0.27272251 WAX.
  1. Click on “Market” at the top left of the page.
  2. Type “TLM” in the filter by type box.
  3. Click on “Market trade”
  4. Look at the lowest Market offer (in red on the left side of the screen). Remember red is called the “ask” = sellers and green is called the “bid” = buyers. As you can see, the lowest ask being offered as a Market trade is 0.2738 WAX for 1 TLM. This means that at the moment, you would get a slightly better rate by performing a Swap trade rather than a Market trade. We know this because in the steps above we determined that 1 TLM = 0.27272251 WAX.
  5. If you determined that a Market trade is a better deal than a Swap trade, you would enter in the amount of WAX you want to trade here. Looking at the image above, you can see that 103.3672 TLM is available for sale at 0.2738 WAX each and the total cost to buy all of it is 28.30193936. There is no minimum for trades on Alcor so you could enter 0.1 WAX or 1,000 WAX and the trade will be executed.
  1. Click on “Limit Trade”.
  2. Type in the amount of TLM you would like to buy.
  3. Type in the amount of WAX you are willing to pay for 1 TLM token.
  4. Click on “Buy TLM”.
  5. Once you approve the transaction, your Limit trade will show up here as an Open order and also in the list above (in the green section). If no one has taken your trade and you want to cancel, click the red “Cancel All Orders” tab.



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