Blockchain Brawlers Game Set to Begin on March 30th, 2022

Gear in order of rarity
The first five (of 100) Legendary 1 of 1 Ric Flair Bawlers
Rings in order of rarity
Luck O’ the Irish’s 4 Editions


To play the game, a player must hold at least (1) Brawler NFT and (1) Ring NFT. The mechanics are simple: Brawl, Earn, Craft, Repeat. The rarer the Brawler, the more BRWL tokens will be earned per match. Rare and Legendary Rings allow more than one Brawler to wrestle simultaneously. You can also equip Brawlers with Gear to earn bigger BRWL token bonuses. Brawlers take 60 minutes to recover before they can start a new match. After each match you will be able to view how much BRWL was earned and if any Gold NFT’s dropped. The chances of receiving Gold NFT’s after a match increase with Brawler performance and Gear choice. You can use BRWL and Gold NFT’s to heal your wrestler after matches or to craft enhanced rings, stronger Brawlers, and more outrageous Gear.



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