Blockchain Brawlers Game Set to Begin on March 30th, 2022

The hype around WAX Blockchain’s newest Play-to-earn (P2E) game continues to build as the countdown to playing draws closer.

Blockchain Brawlers did something unique with their launch — they held auctions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for what they are calling “Founders Edition” Legendary Blockchain Brawler Character NFT’s. The first 100 were sold via auctions on Binance in November 2021. Another 100 were sold in January 2022 on the WAX blockchain, and 200 more are scheduled to be auctioned following the launch of the game later this month.

In February 2022, additional in-game Blockchain Brawlers and game items were made available via pack sales on the WAX blockchain.

Beginning on March 17th a Binance Bridge to WAX will be opened which will allow players to transfer their Blockchain brawlers to their WAX wallets. And on March 30th the game is scheduled to go live. In the game, players will wrestle each other using their NFT’s and the winners will earn BRWL, the official game token of Blockchain Brawlers.

Blockchain Brawlers, packs, gear, and rings can be purchased on the secondary market here. Wrestlers such as Scotty Wideye, Nature Boy Rick Flair, Bronco Bill Burgundy, Pandana, Barry Greenhron, Johnny Butterfinger, and more are up for sale now. The legendary variation of wrestlers are all 1 of 1 and command the highest price. Rare, Uncommon, and Common variations are all unlimited and are priced more reasonably.

To date, 3 pack releases have been sold on the WAX blockchain. They sold out immediately, and now fetch extremely high prices on the secondary market.

Gear Pack. Limited to 750 packs and contain 1 Gear NFT. The odds of receiving a common gear NFT are 93%, uncommon is 5%, and rare is 2%. The types of gear are: Brass Knuckles (Common), Trash Can (Uncommon), Sledge Hammer (Rare) Baseball Bat (Epic), and Steel Chair (Legendary). 443 Gear Packs have been opened as of 3/13/22 and the cheapest Gear Pack on the secondary market at the moment is 1,316 WAX ($350.00 USD). The Gear Packs originally retailed for $75 USD.

Gear in order of rarity

Brawler and Ring Pack. Limited to 750 packs and contain (1) Blockchain Brawler NFT and (1) Ring NFT. The odds of receiving a common Brawler and 93%, uncommon is 5%, and rare is 2%. For the Ring NFT the odds are 93% common and 6% rare. To date, 470 Brawler and Ring packs have been opened and the cheapest pack on the secondary market is 3,737 WAX ($992 USD). The Brawler and Ring Packs originally retailed for $350 USD.

Legend Pack — “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair Pack. Limited to 100 packs and contain (1) Legendary Ric Flair Bawler NFT and (1) common Ring NFT. To date, 74 packs have been opened and the cheapest pack on the secondary market is 23,777 WAX ($6,319 USD). The Ric Flair Packs originally retailed for $1,500 USD.

The first five (of 100) Legendary 1 of 1 Ric Flair Bawlers

Rings: There are currently (3) types of rings available: Normal Ring (common), Steel Cage Ring (rare), and Deathmatch Ring (legendary). The cheapest ring on the secondary market currently is 819 WAX ($217 USD)

Rings in order of rarity

Brawlers: There are currently 57 different Brawlers — 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare, 1 epic, and 53 Legendary 1 of 1 Brawlers.

The Common Brawler is named Scotty Wideye. The Uncommon Brawler is named Barry Greenhorn. The Rare Brawler is named Johnny Butterfinger. The Epic Brawler is named Colt Tenderfoot. And the Legendary Brawlers are named The Nightingale, Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Brazen Bull, Silver Fox, Goliath, Mr. Twister, Ace of Hearts, Canon Ball Saul, Babyface Buchannon, Vic Virtuoso, Colonel Chaos, Thrilla Gorilla, Genetic Kinetic, Pandana, Tsunami, Ray Soleil, Jr., Luck o’ the Irish, Black Hole Sun, Diego En Fuego, Tex Cloverleaf, King’s Gambit, The Elbowin’ Samoan, Iron Pride, Bronco Bill Burgundy, Depth Charge, The Fascinator, Thuggernaut, Angus McClaymore, The Red Giant, Battle Ax, Coppertop, Big Ben, El Aguila Mocha, Crocodile Dundalk, Buck Wild, Cobra Clutch, Baton Rougue, The Iron Pole, The Solar Bear, Shiro Usagi, Mudslide, The Deflector, The Welsh Dragon, El Lobo Dorado, Super Fugu, Skull n’ Void, The Crash Norse, Gilberto El Muerto, The Screaming Frog, Bete Noire, Ivan ‘Beef’ Stroganov, El Enorme, and The Brazen Bull. All “Founder’s Edition” Legendary 1-of-1 Blockchain Brawlers come in one (1) of four (4) editions: Standard, Hardcore, Cage Match, and Death Match

Luck O’ the Irish’s 4 Editions


To play the game, a player must hold at least (1) Brawler NFT and (1) Ring NFT. The mechanics are simple: Brawl, Earn, Craft, Repeat. The rarer the Brawler, the more BRWL tokens will be earned per match. Rare and Legendary Rings allow more than one Brawler to wrestle simultaneously. You can also equip Brawlers with Gear to earn bigger BRWL token bonuses. Brawlers take 60 minutes to recover before they can start a new match. After each match you will be able to view how much BRWL was earned and if any Gold NFT’s dropped. The chances of receiving Gold NFT’s after a match increase with Brawler performance and Gear choice. You can use BRWL and Gold NFT’s to heal your wrestler after matches or to craft enhanced rings, stronger Brawlers, and more outrageous Gear.

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